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sauna Accessories

Comfortable headrest made from alder, good for relaxing in the sauna.


Backrest made from alder, ensures comfortable sitting in the sauna.


Perfect solution for hanging towels and clothes in the changing room.

It is made of durable wood and is wall-mounted.

Cloth Hanger

Made from aspen with glazed scale, allows you to control the temperature and air humidity inside the sauna room.


Wooden bucket with plastic inner part, which makes cleansing easy. 

Wooden Bucket

Made from dark wood and impregnated the ladle is easy to be used for sprinkling water on the stones.

Wooden Ladle

Wooden Ladle

Heat and moisture-resistant sauna lamp with plastic base and a glass cover.


Can be mounted on a wall or in a corner.

Sauna Light

Nice sauna light cover made from alder.

Can be mounted on a wall or in a corner.

Sauna Light Cover

Safety fence is made from alder wood.

Provides more safety and protects from burns.

Heater Safety Fence

The 22L  water tank pipe model is mounted directly onto the stove.

The water heats up quickly due to the pipe going through the tank functions as a wall of the water tank.

Water Tank

for Wood burning Heaters

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